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Acne-Popping Sensory Toy: Realistic Nose Pimple Popper for Stress and Anxiety Relief


Experience stress relief in a unique, fun way with our Acne-Popping Sensory Toy. Mimicking the act of pimple popping, this toy provides a satisfying sensory experience to help relieve stress and anxiety. Made from non-toxic silica gel, it’s safe to use and can be refilled for endless popping fun. An unconventional and intriguing stress relief toy for all ages!


Blackhead Plucking Fidget Keychain: A Unique Way to Remove Stress


Unwind with a twist using our Novelty Blackhead Plucking Fidget Toy Keychain. Designed to provide a unique sensory experience, this toy lets you pluck blackheads for a satisfying stress-relief activity. As an anxiety-buster or a funny gag gift, it’s perfect for kids, adults, and compulsive pluckers (yes, that’s right). After the plucking session, you end up with a smooth, cute keychain, perfect to adorn your bag or serve as a quirky desktop decoration.

Color-Changing Strawberry Squishy Toy: Anti-Stress Relief Ball for Sensory Stimulation


Experience stress relief with a fruity twist with our Color-Changing Strawberry Squishy Toy. This sensory toy soothes and delights with its innovative strawberry design, changing color in the sun. Made of high-quality, soft, and durable TPR, it’s perfect for squishing away stress, providing comfort, and enhancing focus for kids and adults alike. Portable and washable, it’s a great stress and anxiety-relieving toy for any occasion.


Edamame Squeeze Fidget Keychain: for Habit Breaking and Focus Enhancement


Introducing our Edamame Fidget Keychains, the perfect stress relief toy for all ages. Squeeze the bean out repeatedly for endless distractions, aiding in breaking bad habits and improving focus. More than a fidget toy, these adorable keychains are stylish and attachable to your keys, backpack, or electronic devices, providing soothing, popping fun wherever you go.

Fidget Cube for Stress Relief: Push & Pop Sensory Toy for Tactile and Auditory Stimulation


Navigate stress with ease using our Push & Pop Fidget Cube, an engaging toy designed to enhance focus and provide sensory regulation. Ideal for individuals with ADHD, stress, or anxiety, this compact toy offers a tactile, bubble wrap-like popping sensation coupled with auditory feedback. Crafted from durable, eco-friendly silicone, it’s a safe and portable stress relief companion for all ages.


Fidget Toys and Gadgets of the Month – 1 Year Subscription


Toys are shipped out every month. We hand select what we consider is the best new toys before they are trending! You will be the first to have the best fidget toys and decide for the world what toys will trend next. We consider this the best gift, self-gift and all around fun package.

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