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Welcome to "Play at Peace," a cozy corner of the web dedicated to those of us who tap, twirl, and twist our way through the day (trust us, we get it). Our story is rooted in a simple yet powerful truth discovered by our founders, who are both well-acquainted with the dance of anxiety and ADHD all too well.

Our two founders met as co-workers in the legal corporate world, and Play at Peace was born out of the uphill battles they faced to sit still during Zoom meetings and drive success in their positions.

Everything changed for them at work when a small, unexpected hero—a galaxy infinity cube- was found in the depths of a work desk in a NYC office. For them, this fidget toy was more than just a piece of plastic.

With each click, rotation, and configuration, thoughts began to align, and a feeling of peace settled in. It was a personal breakthrough that deserved to be shared. That's why we created "Play at Peace," a place where finding your own bit of quiet in the hustle and bustle is literally just a click away.

Our mission is simple: we want to bring a slice of peace to your day with fidget toys that are as helpful as they are fun. We believe in the joy of a playful escape and the power of a focused mind. So whether you're a student struggling to study, an investment banker trying to focus, or a parent seeking serenity in a noisy world, "Play at Peace" is here for you. Our toys are designed to be your pocket-sized pals—helping to soothe, settle, and bring a moment of zen to your busy life.

Welcome to our story; we're so glad you're a part of the fun!

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